one app everywhere

Today apps must run on all devices, I wonder what are you using now? laptop? maybye cell-phone, tablet or even smart-tv.

bussiness intelligence

big data

More data = more analysis = more conclusions = better service = bigger income. The equation is easy, but to take on big data is not easy task. Our company specializes in distributed computing of big amounts of data in cloud.

horizontal scalability

in cloud

When you have more users than your server can handle, the obvious solution is to add next server. Horizontally scalable application architecture ensures that it is possible.

functional scalability

modular design

Every app starts as small prototype, next it grows to MVP, and as application lives there are extended with many different features. To keep order and ensure future growth we design our applications as a sets of reusable modules.


Our Ideals

Our main concern are creation of scalable realtime solutions. Where "scalable" means that our systems are designed with scalability in mind. These applications are responsive under variable load, these can use more of the cloud if needed, and we can expand functionality to meet your business needs. "Realtime" stands for solutions with instant response and propagation of data. Good example of "realtime" is multiplayer game where ones actions are seen by others in an instant.

We strongly belive that realtime processing and systems scalability are key features for your company/website to gain adventage over competitors. Realtime because time is money, scalability because you want to grow.

Our services

We are experts in realtime distrubuted solutions

Realtime Distributed Servers

Server software that will fluently communicate with your web application, mobile application or other servers throught flexible API. To all our realtime servers we provide application libraries in languages you use. Our servers are very scalable, from one host to 100 machines clusters.

Web Components

Realtime web components designed to enhance non-realtime sites. In example:

  • user notifications
  • any type of chat
  • drawing wall
  • collaborative editor
  • voice and video communication
  • realtime statistics

Web Applications

Scalable realtime web applications with huge focus on users interaction and comminication.

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